Ethn Lemo Art Terms and Conditions. 

This is a written legal agreement you as a customer will be asked to sign upon the start of a commissioned piece to confirm that you, as the rightful owner of the property or vehicle are granting Ethan Lemon owner of Ethn Lemo Art Freelance Commercial Artist, permission to paint directly onto the requested surface/property that you legally own or have permission to paint on, with the agreed artistic design, that was commissioned by yourself as a paying customer of Ethn Lemo Art bespoke Mural Artist. You and Ethan Lemon agree that you have received an invoice for the whole job and a deposit for payment of materials has been made a week prior to the work being carried out, via bank transfer and the remaining cost will be paid immediately upon completion.

You agree that the deposit is for materials and is non re fundable.
You agree that all surrounding property, possessions or valuables, that may come in to contact with paint, overspray, dust or fumes have been removed or suitably protected by yourself and all immediate working areas have been taped and dust sheet covered by Ethan Lemon and you are happy with his standard of work, preparation and protection of the surroundings.
The Artist, Ethan Lemon, has public liability insurance up to a value of £5 million and this legally covers him to work at heights and in public spaces and covers any injury to himself or members of the public but does not cover any damage to property or surroundings. 

When signing this document you are also signing a disclaimer that states that you requested the work of spray painted mural art to be carried out with aerosol cans on to property which you claim to be legally your own or you are permitted by the legal owner to allow work to completed on their property. 

You have removed or protected any surrounding valuables, property, possesions even if they are not owned by you.

You agree that Ethan Lemon does not take any responsibility for any damage to these items. 

You agree that Ethan Lemon will paint the agreed design on the agreed permitted property and the delivery of such work is all he holds responsibility for.